12 Week Transformation Optimus Spine and Posture

12 Week Transformation Optimus Spine and Posture

Transform Your Body!

Optimus Spine & Posture offers an individualized plan to reach your optimal potential. In life, health is the most important aspect. Without health you limit your quality of life and time plus the additional financial stress brought on by illness and disease. There are better solutions to just patching an existing pain or ache, instead treat the primary cause of the condition.¬† At Optimus Spine & Posture our approach is specific to each individuals’ goals and needs. ¬†Through the individualized care you will be educated on how to self screen and correct your movement and posture. This program is meant to bring the best possible health to your life. You get what you put into it. The system Dr. Bury has created will keep patients highly motivated, progressing and achieving goals, and the knowledge to maintain the life you always knew you could have.

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Functional Movement Belt System

Functional Movement Program Optimus Spine and Posture