Dr. Gareth Bury is one of the top rated chiropractors in Greensburg, PA and all of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania

The care provided is highly affordable and specifically tailored to meet each individual needs.  Dr. Gareth is a local of Greensburg, Pa and takes pride providing the best chiropractic care possible utilizing

  • the most updated traction equipment to provide true corrective care
  • The most researched and evidenced based technique called Chiropractic biophysics and Gonstead method to achieve the best results.
  • The care at Optimus Spine & Posture will provide you with clear answers to questions about your spine and health.
  • No treatment or spine is treated the same, this is the definition of individual care for YOU and your FAMILY! 

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Recently I’ve gotten back into weightlifting, a hobby that is often accompanied by lower back strain and other back related issues. This discomfort was normal for the most part but a month and a half ago the pain was more harsh than usual. At the recommendation of a friend I went to see Dr. Bury and I could not be happier with my decision. From the first session I was impressed with how Gareth explained his techniques and system to me. Having been to other chiropractors who simply put you on the table and make adjustments I liked how Gareth took the time to explain the reason for my discomfort. Knowing the source of the problem allowed me to monitor the situation outside the office and be proactive in my recovery as opposed to retroactive. In addition, Dr. Bury explained how his treatment method was state of the art/revolutionary. I’m not a Dr. of Chiropractics, but I can definitely tell you that the techniques and adjustments he used were unlike any others I have experienced and within the first month and a half I felt stronger in the areas I initially had Dr. Bury focus on. Dr. Bury noted however that a common mistake people make is that they stop chiropractic treatment once the immediate discomfort goes away. After one of our sessions Dr. Bury took the time to explain why this is problematic and that to fully restore my spine/back it is vital to see the treatment all the way through. Hearing how passionate he was about my issues and treatment method made me trust that he had my best interest in mind so I decided to continue seeing him. I am looking forward to continued treatment with Dr. Bury and can’t wait to see how much stronger I get under his care. I recommend anyone with a chiropractic related issue to do the same!!

Christopher Altman, Review

I would highly recommend Dr. Gareth. He is a wonderful doctor who truly cares about his patients. He also uses an amazingly effective technique that is much more powerful that traditional chiropractic!

Hannah Culbertson, Review

If you are looking for a chiropractor Dr. Gareth is the one for you. He is so funny, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The moment I walked in I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Gareth did a thorough examination, took x-rays, and analyzed both. He then explained and broke down terms to help me understand exactly what was wrong with me. I went to him for lower back issues and after my first adjustment I felt immediate relief. But it was not until I went through his entire program that he specifically made for me that I realized how bad I actually treated my body and how misaligned my spine was. Dr. Gareth worked with me each visit and now I feel like a 20 year old again! I never felt rushed and he was always on time with his appointments. Not only did he help me but he also helped my entire family (husband, mom, father, grandmother, and grandfather); all of them got great benefits as well. Dr. Gareth is everything that I could have ever dreamed of in a chiropractor.

Morgan, Review
Great, professional and clean work area. Had lower back problems and Dr. Bury was able to fix them quickly. Great experience!
Julian Grubbs, Review
Dr. Bury has adjusted me many times. I prefer his Gonstead style of adjusting, and love the rehab equipment he employs in his office. It gets lasting results to actually fix the shape of the spine and get lasting results!
Ryan Winslow, Review

Highly recommended. Dr. Gareth is very personable and welcoming. He will find exactly what the underlying problem is and fix it. He gently adjusted my neck and I no longer suffer from headaches. I tried so many other alternatives for several years trying to help with my headache but it wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Gareth that I finally got full relief. Not only are my headaches gone but my whole body feels like it is functioning better than ever before. I can’t say thank you enough. If you are looking for the real deal chiropractor go see Dr. Gareth.

Dyann, Review

Dr. Gareth uses a very effective technique for spinal rehab. I highly recommend his services!

Pablo Ness, Review

Well informed, caring and very talented. Dr. Gareth listens and provides such specific care based on what I need and I see results very quickly! Highly recommended!!

Hiral Patel, Review