Functional Movement

Functional Movement is a healthy pattern of motions every single human being SHOULD be able to perform. For example, when bending over to pick up an object, certain joints in the body should have proper mobility as they move together with certain muscles. This all requires a level of flexibility and stability as you lower yourself to pick up the object, in addition to standing upright again. To prevent injury and joints breaking down, it is essential to know that your body movements are functional to maintain a healthy and functional body that will last a long lifetime.

Functional Movement Belt System

Functional Movement Program Optimus Spine and Posture

We have a revolutionary Functional Movement Assessment, where in less than 15 minutes, the Doctor can analyze the health of your movement patterns so that he can begin to develop corrective approaches to get your body to a healthier, pain-free state!



We are what we eat. Do you want to feel better? Have more energy? Lose excess weight?  Eat Healthier? Our nutrition program will implement a

  • healthy diet

  • educate healthy shopping habits at various local stores

  • provide a personal journal to record progress

  • meal preparation

  • accountability

  • meeting your specific goals and needs

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