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How Chiropractic Care Healed & Motivated Dr. Bury

In 2009, Dr. Gareth Bury’s life was changed forever. Below is the account of Dr. Gareth Bury’s experience that lead him to become a chiropractor.

“It was a beautiful day in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and a perfect day to ride ATVs with my best friends. We started the day off bright and early riding everywhere we could. There was no terrain off limits that day; creeks, mountainous sloops, fields, dirt roads, you name the place we probably were riding by that day. It was one of those days that everything was perfect and time seemed to stand still. We all road back to my friend Matt’s house where we were going to park the ATVs and finish the day but not before riding around the house for a couple more laps. When in doubt, if you are feeling tired then you should throw in the towel and quit operating a motor vehicle. So my friends and I took one last ride around the house. Unfortunately, that last ride around ended up changing my life forever.

As I took the one corner, my tires gave out on slick grass sending the ATV and myself into a tree. Not only was I sent soaring into the air but the ATV followed suite. I hit the ground on my right shoulder, and the ATV slammed onto my back leaving my leg pinned behind me. I have never been in an accident like this before, so my adrenaline was pumping making me able to move the ATV off me. I knew from the moment I hit the ground things were not well. After assessing myself for injuries, I felt like my arm and back were fractured. I tried to shake it off. I ended up maneuvering my shoulder back into place after having nerves being pinched from posterior dislocation (most common dislocations of the shoulder are anterior or forward). I have never experienced trauma like this in my life and ended up in shock. My friend’s family took me to the hospital where X-rays were taken, CT for head trauma, and other various checks. All the doctors said I was fine, prescribed opiates and released.

I arrived home and thought to myself, ‘would I ever be the same?’ I was walking hunched over like a 90 year old man. My shoulder was super weak. I barely slept that night and unable to go to work the next day because of the pain in my back. I hated missing work and wanted to feel like how I did prior to the accident.  My mom scheduled me a chiropractor appointment that day. I was greeted by the chiropractor who explained I had a misalignment in my spine that was causing my pain called a subluxation.  Much like my shoulder was misaligned, my spine was misaligned. The spine is way more complex in the shifts compared to the shoulder joint. The spine’s natural ‘S’ shaped curve enables the brain, spinal cord, and nerves to transmit vital nerve energy to the rest of the body freely, and without any interference. Nerve interference occurs as a result of your spine shifting out of place, distorting the natural ‘S’ shaped curve, and putting unnecessary pressure on the delicate nerves that bring life to our bodies. Misalignment’s occur as a result of poor postural habits, lifestyle choices, car accidents, or sports injuries. If left untreated, gravity will exacerbate these misalignments and cause dysfunction and disease in your vital organs. The chiropractor adjusted my spine where the mid back (thoracic spine) meets the low back (lumbar spine). This transition area was the problem and why I was unable to stand up straight. I was back to work by the end of the week. This area was adjusted over a couple week period and my health was back to normal for the time being.

 After experiencing my life being changed through chiropractic care, I moved to Palmer Chiropractic College in 2012 and started my dream to be a chiropractor.  I studied anatomy and physiology and learned there is limitations of matter with trauma and MVA (motor vehicle accidents) there is always ligamentous injuries. While at Palmer in my first trimester, I ended up with vitreous floaters in both my eyes, headaches, neck pain, periods of nausea, and stomach issues. In my studies, I was never content and always trying to gain knowledge on the best ways to treat and heal people.  I received an internship while in school and learned of a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics. I knew that I found something special. The analysis on its own was something unique, and the technique had tons of research backing it.  While at the internship, X-Rays were taken, I learned my neck curve was an S shape which it is supposed to be circle.  The lead doctor came up with the proper protocol and began to fix this postural and structural distortions in my spine.  I will never be at the ideal neck curve (cervical spine curve is lordotic, thoracic is kyphotic, lumbar is lordotic) because it is difficult to fix a reverse or kyphotic neck with 133% loss in C3/C4 area. I improved this loss of curve in my neck by 64% and no longer a kypotic curve but instead straight. All my symptoms were gone minus the vitreous floaters. I could not be happier, and my health is the best it’s been since the ATV accident. I attribute the chiropractic adjustments (Gonstead) and CBP (chiropractic biophysics), nutrition, and functional movement to my success and where I am today.”

Healing Through Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gareth Bury is taking care of patients with trauma from accidents especially, motor vehicle accidents, sciatica, disc issues, back troubles, neck and back pain, shoulder problems, scoliosis, hunch back (hyperkyphosis), text neck (anterior head syndrome)  in his office located in Greensburg PA, serving the surrounding communities of Latrobe, Mount Pleasant, Irwin, Jeannette, New Stanton, Youngwood, Pittsburgh, and the Westmoreland community.