Aging and Chiropractic 

The human life expectancy is increasing and Americans are living longer than ever before.  Though our life expectancy has increased, our quality of life has not. Most of us do not want to live into our nineties if the last twenty years are filled with illness and disability.  The quality of our lives when we are older is dictated by choices we make now to better our health and wellness.  

The more we learn about genetics the more we learn how important our lifestyle choices are to our overall health.  A persons genes may define their basic biology but health decisions control the way genes will affect the body. We used to think that aging was the ticking away of an “internal clock”, all part of a predetermined plan laid out by our genes.  But, time is not the enemy. 

So what really causes aging? 

  1.  Inactivity and Disuse
  • Inactive lifestyles cause weak muscles, stiff joints, and low energy levels.
  • Without movement blood cells could not transport oxygen, lungs would not be able to breathe, hearts would not be able to pump blood and spines would not be able to create the motion for proper joint nutrition.
  • Movement allows you to think better, feel better and function better-all essential to health and longevity.

      2.  Neurological Stress

  • Proper neurological signaling is the primary key to psychological, emotional, immune and hormonal health.

      3.  Vertebral Subluxations 

  • Minor misalignments of the spine inhibit normal spinal movement which causes nerve interference resulting in decreased nervous system function, improper healing and accelerated aging.
  • Subluxations alter the optimal structure of the spine, which weakens it and causes degeneration.

Chiropractic is founded on the premise that a properly functioning nervous system is essential to our health.  Regular adjustments will help restore normal nerve function and improve spinal biomechanics and will also help restore and maintain the structural integrity of your body-which are all very important in the pursuit of optimal health and longevity.