Chiropractic and Headache Relief

When you think of someone having a headache you typically think of an adult but the number of children experiencing chronic headaches is increasing.  Roughly one third of children experience a headache at some point and children miss more than one million (combined) days of school each year because of them.  Research has found that headaches can affect a childs emotional development and school performance. A study completed by the British Medical Journal showed that children who experienced headaches on a regular basis were more likely to experience health issues as adults.

There are 129 different types of headaches such as tension, cluster and migraine.  Physical, chemical and emotional stress often trigger headaches but the actual cause is usually a series of traumatic or repetitive microtraumatic events such as car accidents, postural habits or occupational tasks.  Research shows that the majority of headaches are caused by problems in the cervical (neck) region of the spine. The vertebra in this area become misaligned from excessive or repetitive stress. These vertebral subluxations cause excessive muscle tension and will irritate nerves in the neck, all of which cause headaches.

Children are constantly moving while exploring their new world.  Falling down, bumping into things, getting injuries while playing sports are all normal activities for a growing child but also all may cause stress on the spine.  Children and adults may suffer from forward head posture which is caused by carrying heavy objects and excessive time spent in front of a screen.  

A doctor of chiropractic specializes in the structure of the spine and detecting/correcting spinal misalignments.  When the spine is properly aligned it removes stress and allows the nervous system to function properly. Research has shown when our spine is aligned properly it has helped patients who suffer from headaches significantly. Children and adults benefit greatly from a routine visit to their local chiropractor.