How Chiropractic Can Help Strengthen your Child’s Immune System

As a parent, one of the most important things to you is to keep your child healthy.  Health depends on a strong, properly functioning immune system. When we have a properly functioning immune system we are able to resist infections, allergies and chronic illness.  

Strengthening our child’s immune system should be a priority starting at birth.  Our nervous system controls the entire growth and development of the immune system.  At birth, an infant’s immune system is immature. Overtime the infant is exposed to microorganisms which allows the lymphocytes to create antibodies and memory cells.  When a child is exposed to these same microorganisms again their immune system can react quicker. Our nervous system should be a top priority in ourselves and our children because it controls all of our bodily functions. 

So where does chiropractic come into play?  Our nervous system is protected by our spine.  A chiropractor uses hands on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments, the theory being that proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication.  Our spine is made up of twenty-four moveable vertebrae and when the spine is in proper position it serves to protect nerve pathways.

Even under normal conditions, the birth process is frequently the first case of spinal stress.  The infants head is lifted up to receive the lower shoulder and then pushed down to receive the upper shoulder.  This process causes stress on the spine of the baby which can then result in conditions such as headaches, vestibular problems, auditory troubles and visual disturbances.  When an infants neck is realigned it will help solve all of these issues. As children grows and is learning to walk they are likely to fall down and/or tumble into furniture which can cause trauma to the spine.  Over sixty percent of our neurological development occurs in our first year of life, which is another reason why it is important to get your children adjusted early on in life.

The Chiropractic Research Journal did a study comparing the health and wellness of two hundred children under chiropractic care to the health and wellness of two hundred children who were not.  The group of children under the care of the chiropractor had less ear infections, fewer allergies and there were less cases of tonsillitis and asthma.  

Doctors of Chiropractic have been correcting subluxations in their patients for over one hundred years.  This has resulted in the recovery of every known health problem in children and adults who were under the care of a chiropractor.  Taking your child to the chiropractor can only benefit them and their health.