The Magic Diet

The Documentary of the week to watch is “The Magic Pill” on Netflix if you want to learn how to eat healthy and cure or stop progression of common diseases like asthma, diabetes, autism, and cancer. The common cure for all of these is your diet, not a pill. Watch this, learn, live it, and see the changes! Have a great Monday!

If you want the quick synopsis of this movie scroll down.

So if you do not have Netflix the movie “The Magic Pill” is about how we have been hunters and gatherers for most our existence.  Agricultural changes to our land has left us eating carbohydrates and processed foods.  The animals are fed grains, no longer free range animals and we consume these animals. The land has the same crops grown year after year.  There is no diversity which creates no stability in the ecosystem.  The pests and critters try to come back to the land but the pesticides keep this natural process from happening.  The soil goes bad because there is stagnate water creating run off.  This process is due to the roots never being able to grow deep enough to establish proper drainage.  The animals do not roam these lands anymore so there is no natural fertilization or life’s natural process.

The average American diet is mostly made up of carbs which is not in our genetic makeup.  We were meant to consume lean protein and high fat diets. We should be eating mostly high protein diets like quality meat from local butchers in the area.  The garbage at super stores are meats that are fed grains and God only knows what other things are put into our foods at these facilities.  A carbohydrate diet affects us at a cellular level.  Our phospholipid bilayer becomes unstable and actually changes our brain function.  Many of our diseases stem from this diet.  Carbohydrates and sugars are actually fuel cells and cause proliferation of cancer cells, diabetes, asthma, autism, etc.  We have become a society that has been drilled to stay away from fats. Fats are essential for brain function, hormone regulation, supporting cell growth, absorbing nutrients, protecting organs, etc.  We should be consuming these healthy fats through the non-processed meats, salmon, chia seeds, cooking our vegetables with coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.  Having our bodies get used to this lifestyle puts the body in a state of ketosis.  Ketosis is a metabolic state raising levels of ketone bodies in our body tissues.  So in simple terms the body is starved of carbs which is the bodies storage of glycogen and instead uses fats and converts them to ketone bodies.  The benefits are better mental focus, physical endurance due to increased oxygen levels, helping epilepsy, and the coolest thing is cancer can not thrive in a non glucose and high oxygen environment.  This diet can help promote natural weight loss.  The optimal ketosis range is anywhere from 1.5-3mmol/l.  Ketosis is a natural body state and not something new. Our ancestors survived and thrived and it can help our obese and diseased society.  Simply eat lean quality meats, fruits, and vegetables [preferably raw but if so cook in olive or coconut oil].  CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED foods, carbohydrate garbage littered all throughout the stores including gluten and sugar. Find a good local butcher and visit your local farmers market.  You will see a difference in your mental focus, energy, and overall quality of life . Do you want to live the best life you can?  It is as easy as starting to eat right, get your body in motion, and your spine checked for optimal function of your body. Stop by the office, see what makes Optimus Spine & Posture different and pick up a free T-shirt.