Perfect Posture in the Car!

The summer season is here and road trips are in full gear ! Put the windows down, blast the music, and enjoy the season with great posture for the ride. These are simple tips to use for the perfect posture in the car.

1.) First, Take a look at your left foot rest whenever possible to support your pelvis and back.

2.) Next knees, Position your seat so you have a 20-30 degree bend in your knees when in a neutral position. Improve blood circulation by keeping a two- finger gap between the bottom of your seat and your knees.

3.) Hips, bring your seat height up so your hips are level with your knees and your seat bottom is horizontal. Using a cushion or wedge can help and also decrease damaging road vibrations.

DID YOU KNOW??? The average American commute is approximately 60 minutes a day which adds up to 10 days per year!

4.) Low back, Raise the back of your seat to a 100-110 degree angle to avoid disc compression. Adjust your lumbar support (if available) to rest comfotably in the arch of your back. Buy a support if necessary or use a rolled up towel.

5.) Rib Cage, make sure the back of your seat reaches the height of your shoulders. If it doesn’t, the car may be the wrong size for you, and you may want to consider a different model.

Pro Tip! Once in the appropriate position, adjust the mirrors. If the visibility changes, fix your posture!

6.) Arms, with your shoulder blades against the seat, you should have an easy 120 degree bend to your elbows. Stretch your arms out straight and make sure your wrists bend over the edge ofg the steering wheel. Hold the wheel at 7 o’ clock and 4 o’clock to give your shoulder and neck muscles a break.

7.) Neck, adjust the headrest so it is even with the back of your head. Your head should be somewhat tucked, like you are lightly holding a ball under your chin.

And this concludes your health tip of the week on perfect posture in the car! Have a great week!

Correct Sitting Posture while driving

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