Neck Anatomy and Health


Neck Anatomy and Health! The neck of the human body is a bio-mechanical marvel. It possesses a wide range of mobility in nearly every direction. The neck serves as a conduit for the major blood vessels to the brain and is the primary pathway of the central nervous system. The [...]

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Women’s Health Expo March 9th! Don’t Miss out!


Come see Dr. Gareth at the Women’s Health Expo on March 9th at the Ramada Greensburg!He is really excited to be given the opportunity to educate the community, giving out prizes, and demonstrating the only Chiropractic Biophysics traction unit in all of Westmoreland County!

Women’s Health Expo March 9th! Don’t Miss out!2019-02-28T12:49:31-05:00

Life’s a Beach, Get Adjusted!


Life’s a beach, get adjusted!!! In this world of stressful thoughts, traumas, and toxins it’s crucial to keep your nervous system running at optimal potential! Health is Wealth! Dr. Gareth analyzes and puts together a specific customized plan of care based on the objective findings, goals and needs of the [...]

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Perfect Posture in the Car!


Perfect Posture in the Car! The summer season is here and road trips are in full gear ! Put the windows down, blast the music, and enjoy the season with great posture for the ride. These are simple tips to use for the perfect posture in the car. 1.) First, Take a [...]

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Decreased Vertebral Artery Blood Flow in Patients with Loss of Neck Curve


  Structure dictates function and vice versa. This study revealed a significant association between loss of cervical lordosis and decreased vertebral artery hemodynamics, including diameter, flow volume, and peak systolic velocity. Further studies are required to confirm these findings and to investigate their possible clinical implications.  Cervical Lordosis and Vertebral Artery Hemodynamics

Decreased Vertebral Artery Blood Flow in Patients with Loss of Neck Curve2018-02-24T01:23:36-05:00

Loss of Cervical Curve Leads to Early Degeneration in the Spine


The weight of the spine dramatically increases when flexing the head forward at varying degrees. Loss of of the natural curve of the cervical spine leads to incrementally increased stresses about the cervical spine. These stresses may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration,and possibly surgeries. While it is nearly impossible to avoid the technologies that [...]

Loss of Cervical Curve Leads to Early Degeneration in the Spine2018-05-18T11:53:35-04:00
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